Sara's Spark for STEM

I grew up in Canton, Michigan, and though my schools were relatively diverse, I became painfully aware of the deeply embedded gender bias created by society’s cultural expectations and traditions. Being one of four girls in my advanced math and science classes and belittled by my male classmates during team math competitions, I was driven to change perspectives.

From an early age, children already have strong ideas about gender roles, which is why it is important for parents to encourage their children, both boys and girls, to foster their passions for science, math, and technology. Sara’s Spark for STEM is meant to help clear the doubts of young females like me, but also to ensure that parents treat their kids equally.

Each donation of $10 will go towards buying a young girl or boy a copy of Sara's Spark for STEM.

Big thank you to BostonTechMom for contributing!

Read a copy of the book here!